Amazon Easy Store

Amazon Easy Store

Amazon Easy is an India First initiative which enables entrepreneurs to offer online shopping assistance to new-to-ecommerce audiences. Shopping assistance provided by store owners establishes a sense of trust and helps lakhs of customers take their first steps into e-commerce.

Amazon Easy Store
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Amazon Easy Store Details

Key Benefits

  • Avail Demo products to aid Shoppers
  • Standardized Branding & Premium look and feel
  • Earn on Every Order
  • Low Merchandise management
  • Earn additional with Delivery services
  • High earning potential with Incentives

Benefits of partnering with Amazon Easy

  • Enable your network of stores with Assisted shopping Services
  • Earn Commissions on Each order
  • Earn better with every Walk-in
  • High earning potential with Incentives

Benefits of joining us as a retailer

The Amazon Advantage

  • Opportunity to Partner with Amazon
  • Marketing Support from Amazon
  • Comprehensive Sales and Marketing Training

Benefits of joining us as a retailer

The Growth Advantage

  • Low One-time investment of 11K
  • Up to 12% Commission on Every sale
  • Additional incentive covered by R&R + Monthly Earnings

Why Partner with Amazon Easy?

Setup your individual flagship Easy Store and realize your entrepreneur potential

If you are a network partner then you can add Amazon Easy to your service offering and enjoy its benefits.

Earn Fixed Fees and Incentives with each order.

The merchandise agreement to set up a Amazon Easy Store is very minimal so that the merchandise can make the management without facing any difficulties.

Earn additional income with delivery services and earn more income.