Car Loan

Car Loans

Own your Dream rides with Maskin GST Seva Kendra car loans. Get instant car loan eligibility with upto 100% financing from leading banks at best Interest Rates and brings car finance at your fingertips with attractive bank offers for your dream car. You will get Refinance your Car and get an immediate loan for any requirement with Maskin GST Seva Kendra convenient Car Loans.

Let your car be a driving force. As SMaskin GST Seva Kendra's car refinance offers can get you fantastic deals and easy loans. Your journey to success will never stop as your Maskin GST Seva Kendra is always there for you to clear all the hurdles in your life.

Car Loan
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Car Loan

Types of Car Loan

New Car Loan

The funds from this loan are used to purchase a brand new car. The interest rate on this type of car loan ranges from 10%-14% and the repayment tenure spans between 1-7 years.

Used Car Loan

This loan is meant for the purchase of a used car. Most lenders provide up to 85% of the price of the car. The tenure for used car vary between 1 - 5 years depending on various other aspects.

Loan Against Car

This is the third type of loan where the borrower pledges his car as collateral in exchange for much-needed funds. The interest rates for these types of loans vary for diifferent lenders.

Car Loan Against Property

While there is no specific car loan which can be availed against property, you can opt for LAP and use the funds for the purchase of the car.

Car Loan against Credit Card

You can purchase a car by taking a loan on your credit card. The amount you can avail depends on the credit limit on your card.

Car Loan against Fixed Deposit

You can apply for a loan using your Fixed Deposit as collateral. This is considered as an overdraft against your FD account.

Advantages of Car Loan

Easy & Convenient Process

The entire loan application process is hassle – free and simple to enable a wide audience to apply for car loan. The logistics are time bound and backed by the best in class technology.

Competitive interest rates

Maskin GST Seva Kendra is able to float multiple offers from time – to – time, where the interest rates are lower than that of their competitors and minimum tenure is 12 months.

All Type of Applicant

Very few NBFCs extend car finance to NRIs, Maskin GST Seva Kendra is one of them. However, the NRI applicant has to firts gain approval from RBI then only they can apply for car finance with us.

Wide Variety

While Maskin GST Seva Kendra extends car loans for a wide variety of cars manufactured, marketed and distributed in India, even imported cars are considered on a specific case basis.

Features of Car Loan

Manage Your Budget

Plan to purchase your new or used car by finding a loan with monthly installments. Choose the tenure of your loan and manage your budget accordingly.

Easy Sanctions

Car Loans don't require to have a perfect credit score, lenders offer with low credit scores too. Hence, the sanction with this type of loan is very easy.

Flexible EMIs

Repay your loan with fixed monthly installment payments that will depend on your loan amount, interest rate and repayment term with our flexible EMI option.