Death Certificate

Death Certificate

A death certificate is either a legal document issued by a medical practitioner which states when a person died, or a document issued by a government civil registration office, that declares the date, location and cause of a person's death, as entered in an official register of deaths.

An official death certificate is usually required to be provided when applying for probate or administration of a deceased estate. They are also sought for genealogical research. The government registration office would usually be required to provide details of deaths, without production of a death certificate, to enable government agencies to update their records, such as electoral registers, government benefits paid, passport records, transfer the inheritance, etc. Smart contracts allow for automatic execution of the wishes of the deceased upon registration of the death certificate.

Death Certificate
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Death Certificate Application Details

Purpose of Obtaining Death Certificate

Death Certificate is an important document issued to the nearest relatives of the deceased, stating the date, fact, and cause of death by the Government. It is essential to register death to prove the time and date of death, establish the fact of death for relieving the person from social, legal and official obligations, allow settlement of property inheritance, authorize the family to collect insurance and other benefits.

Who can Register For Death Certificate?

In West Bengal, obtaining a death certificate is possible by registering the occurrence of death with the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC).

  • The family members or close relatives of an expired person can get two copies of the death certificate with registration from the burning ghat or burial ground and the computerised certificate from the Health Department against the stipulated fee.
  • In case of death in any hospital or residence within the area under KMC jurisdiction, Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) will register the death of the person.
  • Under the existing rules, any event of the death is to be compulsorily registered within 1 year of its occurrence. In case of late registration beyond one year of occurrence of death, requires approval from the Executive or 1st Class Magistrate of the KMC area.

Documents Required

  • Photo ID proof of deceased
  • Photo ID proof of the applicant
  • Certificates of Institutes – Hospital / Doctors
  • Cremation / Burial Certificate

Online Application Process

For making an online application for death certificate the user must visit the official website of West Bengal e-District after getting into the website just simply follow up the mentioned process.

If registering into the system for the first time, the user will have to click on Citizen Registration.

Now login to West Bengal e-District, the Home page appears.

Click on ‘Apply to Services’ option on the menu bar to view the list of services.

Now click on the registration of Death at NKDA

Then fill all the required details of the applicant.

Now upload all the required documents.

Then click the Submit button, and the system will generate the application acknowledgement

Finally click on the Finish button