Personal Accident Insurance

Personal Accident Insurance

We all have heard of "prevention is better than cure", how many of you actually implement this saying in your real life? People have a tendency to wait for the unfortunate events to be happen and later they rely on treatment to make everything back on track again. Where, in treatment a lot of money drains out because of the higher medical expenses. If you see this story in other way, one can save that money by focusing on prevention or precautionary measures. Are you prepared for such unpleasant situations?

An insurance company makes your life easier by providing claim whenever in need. Life is not as we expect it to be, but it can be worst without personal accident insurance policy. What if you meet with accident and loses both the limbs, one or two eyes, lose your thumb, hearing power of one or both the ears, loses eye sight of one or both the eyes? What if you become handicapped for life? What if you die? These questions are terribly scary but somehow truth of life. Therefore, to have a little control over managing such unknown events or situations you must acquire some backup plans for you and your family’s safety.

Personal Accident Insurance
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Personal Accident Insurance

Features of Personal Accident Insurance Policy

100% Sum Insured For Accidental Death

The policy is beneficial as in the case of accidental death; insured's nominee can get the whole amount of sum assured. But, above all the safety of you and your family is important.

Sense Of Security

It is highly advisable to have financial backup plan to overcome such unknown circumstances without any financial problem. It reduces the financial burden at the time of medical expenses and also provides a sense of security.

70 Years Old Can Avail Cover

Yes, you can buy scheme for personal accident insurance upto the age of 70 years and that’s a great relief for people of this age. As at this age risks are higher and they are vulnerable to uncertainties.

Education Of Children

The personal accident insurance policy provides education for children plan also. If you face accidental death or permanent total disability, we ensure to take the education responsibility of your first two dependent children.

Peace Of Mind

The personal accident insurance policy provides complete peace of mind and the obvious reason is financial support from the insurer. What can be better than compensating your financial burden at the time of mishappenings?

Benefits of Personal Accident Insurance

Financial Assistance in Unfortunate Events

The most important thing for which you should go with personal accident insurance scheme is to have financial assistance whenever you need. The PA cover helps to reduce financial burden due to high expenses on treatment due to uncertainty. It compensates according to the personal accident insurance plan chosen by you.

Provide various covers

The insurance policy provides various covers that include accidental death, permanent partial disability, and permanent total disability for your protection. As well as for extra protection you can prefer buying add-on covers i.e. additional coverage such as transportation of mortal remains, children education, hospitalization cover, medical expenses reimbursement and more.

Cost Effective

Money has always been a topic of concern for people as nobody want to buy worthless. Here you don’t have to worry about the money as buying personal accident insurance cover is cost effective. You can buy coverage as per your choice and requirement and according to that make final payment when satisfied. To make it more reasonable we also provide several discounts and offers so that you won’t pay extra money.

Family Members covers too

With personal accident insurance coverage, not only you but your spouse, first two children will also be covered. As well as dependent parents also included in the policy coverage according to insurance terms and conditions.