Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance provides coverage against different type of emergencies like medical expenses.

Travel Insurance (incl. repatriation & medical evacuation), delay of checked-in baggage or total loss of checked-in baggage, missed connection, financial emergency assistance etc. while you are travelling. Travel Insurance Policy is an essential piece of documentation that is required when you travel abroad and should be bought in advance to cover the dates you travel on.

Travel Insurance
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Travel Insurance

Types of Travel Insurance

Schengen Travel Insurance

Schengen is a part of the 26 states in the European Union which make the Schengen Area. There is a law as per the Schengen agreement which states that if you are on a business or leisure trip, then you need to procure a Schengen visa.

Worldwide Overseas Travel Insurance

It has many variants to fit into your requirements. There are many types of Worldwide Overseas Travel Insurance (Excluding USA/Canada) which can be bought online with us.

Asia Travel Insurance

Travelling to Asian countries is an exotic and enjoyable experience. To make your trips memorable, it is important to plan them effectively. By including a comprehensive travel insurance policy you will be protected against several eventualities.

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance is for people from the age group of 71-85. Special care is required for senior citizens while travelling abroad. Also, spending in a different country with a different currency can be a task at hand. On such occasions, the International Travel Insurance for senior citizens helps a lot.

Frequent Traveller Travel Insurance

If you travel frequently, then it is a must for you to know all about Travel Insurance. Frequent travellers have a set schedule and know what requirements they face in such travel. This is the reason; their Travel Insurance should be exclusive better than last one to make their experience even more better.

Benefits of Travel Insurance

Emergency Medical Expenses

By way of a travel insurance policy, you would be covered for medical expenses incurred during your travel. Diseases do not discriminate and can affect you anytime. If you fall sick during your trip, you can be assured that your travel insurance will compensate for any monetary costs borne by you.

No Age Discrimination

Typically, insurance policies, such as health and life, have some age restrictions as to who can apply for their insurance products. However, in travel insurance, there is no such discrimination on the basis of traveller’s age. The advantages of travel insurance are such that you can look to ensure a new-born baby as well as a senior citizen.

Loss / Delay of Luggage

In case of loss of your luggage damage to your items, your travel insurance policy can compensate you up to the sum insured amount.

Cancellation Refunds

While you may be excited for your upcoming travel plans, there is always a possibility of it being cancelled due to personal challenges. In such a situation, you would want to get back the money you spent on tickets, accommodation booking etc. Through a travel insurance policy, you can look to invest in the cancellation coverage provision. This provision will ensure that if you were to cancel your trip in future due to legitimate reasons, you would be compensated adequately from the costs incurred by you in planning the same trip.